The clients and guests who were entertained by The Bingcows this afternoon went home smiling and humming and were all asking when they’d be back! The staff thoroughly enjoyed it too.

It was thanks to Artsreach Dorset that Louis Bingham and David Insua-Cao, otherwise known as The Bingcows, performed for us today.

Louis and Dave, who have played together for five years, introduced us to several new instruments, with David on dulcimer and pandero (a Brazilian tambourine – but it does so much more) and Louis on guitar, sitar, and a Bulgarian tamboura (a bit like a Greek bouzouki). The music they played included folk music from northern Spain, Greek and Irish folk music (we thought Bridget was about to break out into Riverdance when the Irish music started up) and they sang a smuggler’s song from Devon, supposedly found written on a pub wall during renovations!

It was during the second half of the concert, when percussion instruments had been given out to all, that we joined in with a Cuban Mozambique song – Spanish lyrics included. Everyone tapped instruments or tapped the table, clapped, rang bells, or banged chimes in time with the rhythm and we all did our best to sing along. However, we didn’t manage the foot movements, ably performed by Louis and David, that also went along with it. It was a bit like trying to rub your tum and pat your head at the same time!

The concert was soon over, much to everyone’s disappointment, and it was amazing the positive effect that the afternoon had on some of our clients, particularly the quieter ones.

If you are able to catch their show at Broadoak Village Hall tonight, or at Shillingstone Portman Hall tomorrow you’ll have a great evening.

Once again – thank you Louis and David, and of course Artsreach. You made a lot of people very happy today!

The Bingcows folk duo